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For Librarians

For Archiving Agencies

What is the Keepers Registry?

The Keepers Registry is a service to provide easily accessible information about inclusion of journals in archiving services and highlight those e-journals for which no arrangements exist. The Keepers Registry has three main purposes.

  1. It enables librarians and policy makers to find out who is looking after what e-serials, how and with what terms of access.
  2. It can be used to highlight the e-journals still "at risk of loss".
  3. It is a showcase for the Keepers of e-journal content, the organisations acting as digital shelves for access over the long term.

View the About page for more background information.

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What is the release status of the Keepers Registry?

Designed and operated by EDINA and the ISSN International Centre, the Keepers Registry was available as a Beta service from October 2011 until 2014 when it became a full service funded by Jisc.

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How does the Keepers Registry work?

The ISSN Register provides a central spine for the Registry. Each of the registered Keepers supplies information about the extent of volume and issue content that it has ingested for each serial title. By using the ISSN-L we are aware of the relationship between the electronic and the print ISSN, and can query on either. Each organisation also makes self-statement about their policies on access and preservation, including audit certification.

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How up-to-date is the information on the Keepers Registry?

The intention is that each agency provides regular updates, usually on a monthly basis. The date of last update is reported for each archiving agency.

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What functionality do you plan to add to the Keepers Registry?

Please see our Roadmap describing planned developments.

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Is the Keepers Registry free?

Yes, the basic facilities of the Keepers Registry are provided as a free service, so that everyone can check the archival status of an individual serial. We provide additional Member Services including a Title List Comparison service; these require membership, which is free of charge.

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Should I join the Member Services area?

All organisations and individuals can sign up for the Keepers Registry Member Services.

The Member Services area of the Keepers Registry provides access to additional resources and services. Our Title List Comparison service is a key feature of the Keepers Registry that helps you discover the archival status of a list of serial titles important to you: reporting those which are being archived and those which are "at risk".

Registering for Member Services is also a way of showing your support for ongoing development of the Registry. We may occasionally invite members to provide feedback and participate in development discussions, and membership is a way of adding your voice.

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How do I sign up for the Keepers Registry Member Services?

The Member Services area of the Keepers Registry provides access to additional resources and features.

Access to Member Services is free, but requires you to register with an email address. Registration is simple: we will ask you to create an account and will then verify your email address; after this you will be able to sign in to the Keepers Registry Member Services area and use the additional features.

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What information does the Keepers Registry hold?

The Keepers Registry is concerned with the preservation of serials in one or more archiving initiatives. We define a serial as those things that have periodic publication, have a well-formed ISSN known to the ISSN register, and have full-text article content.

The Keepers Registry operates at the volume level, which is well understood by librarians as a discrete unit of content. The Keepers Registry does not operate at the article level and so DOIs cannot be resolved.

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How do you ensure the quality of the data held by the Keepers Registry?

The Registry validates the ISSNs supplied by each agency upon arrival, and excludes records when ISSN inconsistencies are found, reporting these back to the archiving agency and the ISSN-IC. Metadata supplied by a participating keeper is enriched (if required) by metadata listed in the ISSN Register. If you identify an error in the data held on the Registry, please contact us with details. The quality and accuracy of the self-statements made by each Keeper is the responsibility of that archiving organisation.

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How do I request a record be removed from the Keepers Registry?

Please contact us with a description of the problem, specifying the relevant ISSN(s) and journal title(s).

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How do I send feedback?

Please use our feedback form. We are very keen to have feedback on the usability of the interface and additional functionality of interest. Also, if you encounter a problem, do contact us with a description of the issue, specifying the relevant ISSN(s) and journal title(s).

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Does the Keepers Registry have a glossary of terminology?

Yes, our glossary is maintained in the help pages.

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How do I use the API available in the Member Services area?

The Keepers Registry makes available an API for integration with external services. We recommend that an ISSN is used as a search term. Matching records are returned with agency supplied holdings information.

The API requires authentication. Once you have created a Member Services account, we will issue a dedicated password for the API, separate to your Keepers Registry password.

Documentation on the API is available in the Member Services area.

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What benefits are there for my agency in participating?

Reporting via the Registry is the best way to let the world know what you are doing to keep e-journal content safe over the long term. The Keepers Registry will also undertake analysis of your data upon submission and report any inconsistencies found, such as incorrect ISSNs or syntactic errors in volume-level descriptions.

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What is required to join the Keepers Registry?

The main requirement is that of self-stated archival intent. The Keepers Registry is formalizing the process and requirements to allow other agencies to register: if you are interested in participating, please contact us.

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